We all know our favourite girl friends come in all shapes and sizes - and this is why we love them!

Mixing and matching your bridesmaids dresses are not only a great way to suit all tastes, it can also be a great way to make a real statement on your wedding day. Playing around with alternative looks on your favourite girls has now become quite an attractive trend, and really has the potential to make your bridal party pop.

Whether it's mixing colours with the same style, or mixing styles with the same colours - with so many different colours and styles to choose from, we've put together a few combo's from our own collections to help get those creative minds whirring...


Check out this gorgeous range of floor-length blue dresses - each with a unique and signature style that will match the ecclectic style of your bridesmaids!

These gorgeous styles come in a huge range of different colours. We particularly love this 'dusty purple' shade: subtle and stylish - what more could you need?


We're loving the soft colour pallette of these gorgeous styles. Mix 'n' match up colours that may not be the same - but certainly complement one another!

If your wedding has a darker colour pallette, or perhaps a lovely country-side setting, a pallette of autumn shades could really be the way to go! Mix 'n' match to your own tastes and have some fun with these gorgeous deeper shades of red, purple and burgundy. 

Using the entire colour pallette of the rainbow much be a touch of over-kill - but perhaps you want to go for fading shades of red, match green with blue and purple... These are just a few samples of the colours on offer in-store at Wedding Whispers - so be sure to book an appointment and try on your own special combination today!

Browse more colours and styles online here and get your creativity going!

Forever yours,

WW x