CONGRATULATIONS, you have been chosen as the maid of honor!  Not only is this role an honor and a privilege, it also entails responsibilities and obligations.  No worries, here at Wedding Whispers we made a List of “Do’s and Don’ts” to help you be the perfect Maid of Honor.

The do’s:

Get along with the other bridesmaids.  Even if you have never met them, introduce yourself and try and get along with all of them.  Take into consideration that these girls can help you come up with amazing ideas and assist in organizing the upcoming events.

Provide emotional support.  If the bride has chosen you to be the Maid of Honor then you are one of the most important people in her life.  Give her a shoulder to lean on, always be ready to listen and act as the peacemaker and also be honest and provide any helpful suggestions or solutions.

Be prepared to spend money.  Don’t make the commitment if you are not willing to spend money.  These expenses could include the bridal shower, the hen’s night or anything else the bridal party may decide on.  If money is an issue then speak to the Bride – she chose you because you are important to her, so problems with money can definitely be worked out.


The don’t’s:


Go missing in action.  Be prepared to help with everything.  The Bride is depending on you to be reliable and helpful so whatever you do, don’t ignore her calls and messages.

Complain.  Organising a wedding is stressful and complaining will only make matters worse.  Be helpful and stay positive.  If the wheels fall off then come up with useful solutions to the problems.

 Refuse to wear the dress the Bride has selected.  Remember this is her day – not yours.   She has a vision of what she would like her bridal party to look like, so support her in her choices.

Upload photos of the bride on her wedding day without permission.  As a common courtesy leave it up to the bridal couple to post the first pictures.